My F8 experience

F8 is the annual Facebook’s developer conference. During this conference, the company announces all their new products and technologies. This year 2018, the conference was hosted in the McEnery Convention Center San José.

I had the opportunity to attend this year and I want to show you here my experience.


The F8 starts with the keynote, which is live broadcasted and watched by thousands of people from all over the world. This year the main spotlight was the issues that the company has recently encountered regarding users’ data privacy. During the first minutes of the keynote, Mark Zuckerberg focused on talking about the solutions Facebook is developing to solve these problems. Here you can watch the complete video of the keynote.


F8 Keynote


Let me highlight two different moments. The first is the one that made everyone laugh, when Mark Zuckerberg played the video when he testified before Congress. The second one, the moment with the loudest applause, was when Mark Zuckerberg said that all the audience would get the Oculus Go for free.

After the keynote was finished, the Festival Hall was opened. This hall was distributed in different areas, where all the new products could be enjoyed, like the Oculus Go or the AR experience in messenger.


F8 Festival Hall



Since F8 is a conference after all, let me tell you about the sessions. I attended around 10-12 sessions. From all of them, only 2 of them had some code-related content. I mean by this, that the technical level of the sessions was low. Even more considering that this is a conference for developers. Most of the sessions seem to be more focused on product and management areas, than on engineering.

An interesting session was “How React Native Helps Companies Build Better Mobile Apps”. Although it was in the form of a panel, the discussion was about how React Native has been used by different companies (Microsoft, TaskRabbit, and Postlight), and how this affected to the distribution of the engineering teams and to the way the company works internally. Again, no technical details, but it provided a good overview of this technology.


The conference is a good source of inspiration for future trends.


F8 Session

Networking events

As any other conference similar to this one, there were several networking events to meet people and hang out, with catering, bar and music. The main social event was the After Party music concert. This year performer was Logic.


F8 After Party


PD: Now is the moment to try my new Oculus Go!

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