Mobile PHRs Compliance with Android and iOS Usability Guidelines

My second accepted article has already been published. For my PhD I write scientific articles that are submitted to scientific journals or conferences. This article is in English and it is published in the Journal of Medical Systems. The Journal of Medical Systems is indexed in the Journal Citation Reports (JCR) and its current impact factor is 1.783.

The Journal of Medical Systems provides a forum for the presentation and discussion of the increasingly extensive applications of new information systems techniques and methods across all health care settings. It features four sections focusing on mobile systems, systems level quality improvement, transaction processing systems, and patient facing systems.

Here is the reference and the link to my article:

Zapata BC, Niñirola AH, Idri A, et al. (2014) Mobile PHRs Compliance with Android and iOS Usability Guidelines. J Med Syst 38:1–16. doi: 10.1007/s10916-014-0081-6

The abstract of the article:


Mobile Personal Health Records (PHRs) have achieved a particularly strong market share since the appearance of more powerful mobile devices and popular worldwide mobile application markets such as Apple’s App Store and Android’s Google Play. However, Android and Apple have a set of recommendations on design and usability targeted towards developers who wish to publish apps in their stores: Android Design Guidelines and iOS Human Interface Guidelines. This paper aims to evaluate compliance with these guidelines by assessing the usability recommendations of a set of 24 selected mobile PHR applications. An analysis process based on a well-known Systematic Literature Review (SLR) protocol was used. The results show that the 24 mobile PHR applications studied are not suitably structured. 46 % of these applications do not use any of the recommended patterns, using instead lists or springboards, which are deprecated patterns for top-level menus. 70 % of the PHRs require a registration to be able to test the application when these interactions should be delayed. Our study will help both PHR users to select user-friendly mobile PHRs and PHR providers and developers to identify the good usability practices implemented by the applications with the highest scores.

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New Web Design

Welcome to the new design of my personal website: The design is as minimalist as the previous one but in my opinion it looks much better now. Apart from the aesthetic changes, the navigation menu is now placed in a fixed top toolbar and the resume has been divided into Timeline and Publications.
This is the third version of my website. The versions are compared in the following screenshots.

2012 Home

2012 web design

2013 Home

2013 web design

2014 Home

2014 web design

 2012 Resume

2012 resume design

2013 Resume

2013 resume design

2014 Resume – Timeline

2014 timeline design

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