Personal resume – Infographic

Some days ago I decided I wanted to change the page containing my resume so it wasn’t a boring CV. I wanted to do a more visual resume taking advantage of the web platform. I’ve seen those webs in HTML5 that create a kind of animation while scrolling over the page: Android KitKat, Firefox OS, or Robby Leonardi resume. But I think they are not practical and you have to keep scrolling and scrolling. I wanted a simple design, at a glance. The solution was to create an infographic.

To create the infographic I used the online tool Piktochart . It was very easy and it really works very well. These are some of its features:

  • Free. You can create a whole infographic for free.
  • Possibility of become a PRO user to get more themes or to export the infographic to an image up to A4 resolution.
  • Choose a theme or a blank infographic. I created mine from a blank template.
  • Export to jpeg, png or export the HTML.
  • Upload your own images or use the images and icons provided by picktochart.
  • Add links to the elements of the infographic.

You can see my first approach as an image in pinterest here.

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Giveaway Winners: Free copy of my book on Android Studio

The giveaway that was published here, has ended. The winners were generated automatically and I’ve already contact them to let them know about it.

Sergio (entry #71)
Paul (entry #62)
Saravanan (entry #113)

I used an external tool, PromoSimple ( to register the entrants and their number of entries. The following screenshot shows the Manage Winners page in which you can generate a winner for each prize.

Manage winners

To generate a random number, you can use the external site of or the PromoSimple generator.

Generate winners randomly

Thanks to everyone who participated and shared it!

You can still buy it at several sites:

Android Studio Application Development

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