10 Years as Engineer

10 Years as Engineer

Around this time in May, 10 years ago, I graduated in Computer Science. I finished the 5-year degree in the University of Murcia, Spain. Only 14 students and way more professors.

There are moments when you wonder if it was the right choice, or if you will ever change to a different career path. Back then I would have never thought that some years later, I would be in the United States, working in Silicon Valley with some of the top tech companies. I’m so proud and grateful for the places and opportunities that this field has given me.

I started developing for web and building desktop apps, until a mobile app project came to me as a coincidence. Now that’s my specialty. I’ve been busy doing so many different activities during these years: having my own website, doing a doctoral thesis, writing books, attending conferences, moving to new countries, speaking in panels, interviewing candidates, traveling to visit new offices, and many more.

Apart from the technical skills, my growth working as a Software Engineer also involves better communication, leadership, initiative, planning, mentoring, or public speaking.

Let’s keep working!

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