Engineering Mentorship Event

Engineering Mentorship Event

This past Thursday I participated as a panelist in the Engineering Mentorship Event with Techqueria and Asana. This event was organized to hear from a group of engineers and engineering leaders on how they tackle mentorship.

This was my first event with Techqueria and it was a pleasure collaborating with them. Javier Lopez was a great moderator and it was fantastic meeting Emerson, Pamela and Alvaro.

A lot of topics related to mentorship were discussed during this panel: the importance of mentorship, the reason why it can be difficult to find a mentor, ways to set up expectations for both mentees and mentors, what to do when your mentor is not the right person, challenges of being a mentor and how to solve these challenges, how to take advantage of a mentorship program, or types of questions to ask your mentors.

Something natural and friendly is the type of mentorship I really enjoy

One key thing I’ve learned as well – mentorship can be extremely personal because often your career goals are intertwined with your personal goals – that’s why comfort and trust are key so that you can share those

A helpful way to find a mentor is someone who has shared a path with you as well as being on a path you want to pursue

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