Rising Stars in Engineering

Rising Stars in Engineering

LTX Fest 2019 was celebrated this past week and I had the opportunity to participate as speaker in one of their panels.

LTX Fest, which unites the visionary work of Kapor Center, Latinas in Tech, and Latino Community Foundation, is the nation’s premier event celebrating Latinx contributions to technology, innovation, and philanthropy.

It’s a space where visionaries can convene, share, and build strategies that revolutionize tech and philanthropy and transform our communities.

The Latinas in Tech Summit was part of the LTX Fest on the day 2 of this 4-day-long fest. The goal of the LIT Summit is to bring a spotlight on the Latina entrepreneurs, innovators, rising stars and executives who are pushing the boundaries to stand out in the tech industry.

My participation was as part of the panel: Rising Starts in Engineering. With this panel we wanted to inspire women to study STEM, to show them that you can go far and accomplish big things.

We answered and discussed questions like: What tools, techniques did you have that allowed you to succeed? What advice would you give to someone who wants to switch into engineering? What can we do to open the door for other Latina’s in engineering?

This is the 2nd summit organized by Latinas in Tech that I attend. It is amazing how this event keeps growing. There is a lot of effort dedicated to this and I will definitely collaborate with them again in the future.

Here you can watch the panel:

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