My Talk for the University of Murcia

My Talk for the University of Murcia

My hometown’s university, Universidad de Murcia, has organized a series of talks called “FIUMERS Pro”. For this educational series, different alumni talk about their experiences in their professional careers.

This is a series of 3 talks, in which I was honored to participate as a speaker. The event took place this past week and the title was “De Murcia a Silicon Valley” – “From Murcia to Silicon Valley”.

For my talk I wanted to share different topics related to my growth and experience in Silicon Valley. After a quick introduction, the first topic was about interviewing, the steps and recommendations to face them. The next part was focused on my experience working at a startup and at a multinational company, culture and differences. The last topic was a guide to find your way into Silicon Valley, what the alternatives are, what to expect, difficulties, and of course, recommendations.

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