Some issues with the One Plus 2

Some issues with the One Plus 2

I have been using my new One Plus 2 for 4 days now and I have found a couple of issues that I’m sharing in this post. I have also posted them in the One Plus forum.

These are the versions of the software related to these issues:

Oxygen version: 2.0.1
Android version: 5.1.1
Google Camera version: 2.5.052

1. Multiple camera apps + fingerprint

There are some gestures that can be used to launch some actions when the One Plus 2 is locked. In the settings menu you can enable and disable these gestures. One of these gestures is to open the camera as the following screenshot shows: the camera app opens when you draw an O on the screen.
OnePlus2 gesture settings

When you have more than one app for the same action in Android, like the camera, and you have not selected a default app for that, a dialog is displayed . This dialog lets you decide which app you want to use. The following screenshot shows this scenario when I have to select one of the camera apps that I have installed.

Camera picker

When you use the O gesture on the One Plus 2 to launch the camera app, since there is no default app, the dialog to choose one is displayed. If you unlock the phone using your fingerprint, then right after that, the camera app selector closes and no camera app is launched. If you unlock your phone using other security mechanism then there is no issue.

You can watch this in the next video and notice how the selector appears and then disappears immediately.

2. Google Camera

The One Plus 2 has the One Plus camera app installed, but the Google Camera has some features, like the photo sphere, that I also like to have.
When I tried to take a panorama, it just does not work. It takes one photo, sometimes 2 or 3 photos, and then the app stops taking more. If you try to finish the panorama, it does nothing. When you try to discard the panorama, the app freezes and closes.
Here is the video:


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