First look at Apple Watch

First look at Apple Watch

In this post I want to show you the first look at Apple Watch. This post includes: pairing the watch with your iPhone, the charger and what happens when the watch is disconnected from the paired iPhone.

My experience is that the Apple Watch is a cool gadget to wear, but I ended up using the phone for everything and the watch only to see the time. The Apple Watch is not really good to check the time, since the screen turns on automatically when you do the movement with your wrist. There are sometimes that I don’t do this movement, or that the watch does not detect it. In these cases, you have to touch the screen with your finger. Anyway the wrist movement detection works really good.

These are the specifications of the Apple Watch that I have used for this post:

Apple Watch Sport
Height: 42.0mm
Width: 35.9mm
Depth: 10.5mm
Case: 30g
White color.

The following image shows the box containing the Apple Watch. Two watch bands with different sizes are included.
Apple Watch in box


Pairing the Apple Watch

You need your Apple Watch (of course) and the companion Apple Watch app on your iPhone.
The companion Apple Watch app is available since iOS version 8.2. First make sure that you have updated your device to iOS 8.2 or later. You should see the following Apple Watch icon on your device.

Apple Watch app icon

Once you turn on your Apple Watch, it will ask you to set it up and pair it with your iPhone.
Open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone and follow the steps of the setup assistant. Finally press the “Start Pairing” button on your watch.

Apple Watch start pairing

Both the watch and the phone display a screen indicating the syncing process.

Apple Watch pairing

When the syncing is finished, you’re ready to go!

Apple Watch ready
Apple Watch apps


Charging the Apple Watch

The charger is a magnetic charging cable. You only need to place your watch on the charger.
Apple Watch charger

When the battery level of the Apple Watch is very low, around 10%, the power reserve mode is started automatically. You can also start this mode in any moment from the Power glance or from the power off menu.
While in the power reserve mode, you can only see the time on the screen along with an icon showing the red battery level icon. The watch doesn’t react to your finger touch and you need to press the physical side button to see the time.
The following left image shows the watch with low power level. The right image shows the watch while charging.

Apple Watch no battery
Apple Watch charging


Disconnected from your iPhone

The Apple Watch needs your iPhone to support most of its features. If the watch can’t communicate with your phone, a red icon is displayed on the top part of the screen as shown in the following image.

Apple Watch out of range

When the phone is out of range, some apps won’t work on the watch.
As shown in the next left image, a red message warns the user that the data was last updated some days ago. The red icon indicating that the phone is not in range is displayed on the top right corner of the watch screen. The right image shows an application with no data at all.

Apple Watch weather
Apple Watch stock


This post has explained the first steps when using your Apple Watch. If you want to learn more, check my future posts and here is the link to the Apple Watch User Guide.

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  1. Matthijn

    Hey! If I’m not mistaken you have the Apple Watch now for over a month. What are the long term experiences you have so far? Does it actually incorporate in your daily activities, or has it become more of a gimmick.

    I don’t know if you use is more for development or personal use, however if the latter, would you, knowing what you now know. Buy it “again”?

    1. Belen

      Hi! Thank you for your interest. I have the Apple Watch for development but I’ve been using it as personal for a couple of weeks. All the smartwatches are only an extra gadget for your phone. I don’t think I would have bought one for my personal use since I don’t like the design of the Apple Watch. But if you like watches and want to buy one anyway, why not a smartwatch?

      1. Matthijn

        Yes, from what I’ve gathered of the device it is as you say more a gadget than something that really affects / improves your daily life, so to speak.

        I think it is a shame it does not have GPS. (For running). You can track distances and speed if I’m not mistaken. But for location, you’d have to drag your phone with you. Which makes it a bit redundant then, because the phone can track speed and distance as wel. Maybe they’ll keep that for a V2.

        And the design, I’m not sure yet if I like it, I don’t have experience with reference material, and well, since I am an iPhone user, it makes more sense to get an Apple watch then lets say an Motorola 360.

        Though, it isn’t even for sale here yet. Sales start the 17th of this month. So might take a look then. Or I’ll just hold tight, and see what a V2 might bring!

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