My third accepted article was already published. For my PhD I write scientific articles that are submitted to scientific journals or conferences. This article is in English and it has been presented in the 36th IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society Conference, held in Chicago, USA.

The theme of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society Conference is “Discovering, Innovating, and Engineering Future Biomedicine”. It covers diverse topics from cutting-edge biomedical and healthcare technology research and development, clinical applications, to biomedical education.

Here is the reference and the link to my article:

Zapata BC, Niñirola AH, et al. (2014) Assessing the Privacy Policies in Mobile Personal Health Records. IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society Conference.

The abstract of the article:


The huge increase in the number and use of smartphones and tablets has led health service providers to take an interest in mHealth. Popular mobile app markets like Apple App Store or Google Play contain thousands of health applications. Although mobile personal health records (mPHRs) have a number of benefits, important challenges appear in the form of adoption barriers. Security and privacy have been identified as part of these barriers and should be addressed. This paper analyzes and assesses a total of 24 free mPHRs for Android and iOS. Characteristics regarding privacy and security were extracted from the HIPAA. The results show important differences in both the mPHRs and the characteristics analyzed. A questionnaire containing six questions concerning privacy policies was defined. Our questionnaire may assist developers and stakeholders to evaluate the security and privacy of their mPHRs.

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