Personal resume – Infographic

Personal resume – Infographic

Some days ago I decided I wanted to change the page containing my resume so it wasn’t a boring CV. I wanted to do a more visual resume taking advantage of the web platform. I’ve seen those webs in HTML5 that create a kind of animation while scrolling over the page: Android KitKat, Firefox OS, or Robby Leonardi resume. But I think they are not practical and you have to keep scrolling and scrolling. I wanted a simple design, at a glance. The solution was to create an infographic.

To create the infographic I used the online tool Piktochart . It was very easy and it really works very well. These are some of its features:

  • Free. You can create a whole infographic for free.
  • Possibility of become a PRO user to get more themes or to export the infographic to an image up to A4 resolution.
  • Choose a theme or a blank infographic. I created mine from a blank template.
  • Export to jpeg, png or export the HTML.
  • Upload your own images or use the images and icons provided by picktochart.
  • Add links to the elements of the infographic.

You can see my first approach as an image in pinterest here.

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