Android Studio Application Development

Android Studio Application Development

Android Studio Application Development is the book I’ve been working on during this last summer. Last week was published by Packt Publishing. It is available at several sites:

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Mobile apps have become extremely popular over the last few years and offer a great opportunity for developers. Android is now one of the most popular mobile systems in the world. The new Android Studio IDE has introduced a specialized development environment, welcomed by the emerging Android community, which is perfect for the development of apps.
“Android Studio Application Development” is a practical guide that will show you how to develop and build Android apps using this new, integrated development environment. Following a tutorial approach, this book will progress from the basics features up until the steps to build for release, using real world examples. This book is a must have for every Android app developer evangelist.

Our book explores the Android Studio development environment in-depth, taking you through the necessary steps to create an app, test it, and prepare it for release. First, you will learn how to use the code editor in order to increase your productivity, and to easily create the screens of your app. Then, this book will show you how to debug your app and examine its performance using the most important additional tools within Android Studio: Android SDK tools. We will also take a look at the existing Google Play Services and how they can be integrated into your app.

Finally, it is important for a developer to be able to search for any help they might need. This book provides a vast help section which covers online documentation, updates, and FAQs.

Sample Chapter

You can download a sample chapter here.

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    1. Belen

      Sí, pero piensa que escribirlo requiere cierto tiempo, aunque lo hagas para la 0.3, tarde o temprano sacarán otra nueva versión. De todas formas, casi nada de lo del libro se ve afectado, porque crear un layout y programar los eventos, eso se sigue haciendo igual o usar el android sdk y avd, o usar el ddms o integrar la librería de google services.

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