Submit your application to Google Play

Submit your application to Google Play

Prepare your app

In your “AndroidManfiest.xml” file, set the values for the version name and the version code for your app.

<manifest xmlns:android=""
    android:versionName="1.0" >

The next step is signing your app. If your are using Eclipse IDE, click on your project and export it. Select the “Export Android Application” option in the export window.

Export app

Select the project to export and create a new keystore.

Create keystore

Click Next and create a new key.

Create key

Select your output file and click “Finish”. An .apk file will be generated.

Remember to save your keystore and your passwords to use them in your future updates to Google Play.

Upload your app to Google Play

Open your Google Play Developer Console and click the option “Add new application”.

Add new application

Enter your application name and then you can start by uploading the apk or by preparing the store listing. This process is very simple and you just have to follow the steps.

Upload APK

The application details can be modified after publishing your app. Some of the details to be filled are:

  • Title. Title that will be visible in Google Play.
  • Description. Text description of your application.
  • Screenshots. JPG or PNG images of your application.
  • Icon. A PNG icon in high resolution (512×512).
  • Category and Content rating.
  • Developer data. Website or email address.

After saving your application and submitting it, it will take just some hours to be visible in Google Play.
The application URL in Google Play will be:

where “com.belencruz” is the value of your application package.

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